Meet Our Pastor:

Pastor Raymond Anderson and his best friend and wife Kelsey, and family, began their pastorate here in January of 2021 after serving faithfully for 4yrs as Music Director and Pastoral Intern at  Zion Evangelical Church.
“Three years ago, when I was deciding between just being the Music Director or being a Pastoral Intern, a good friend and mentor asked me, ‘Do you love the people of Zion?’ And my answer, without a doubt, was ‘YES.’ And that was all I needed. Realizing that I had fallen in love with this place and these people changed everything for me.”
Pastor Raymond has been in the ministry for 20 yrs. He has served as youth/children’s pastor, as well as Music Director. He has a passion to preach and teach the Word of God in an applicable way.
“I believe the Word of God is exactly that, the inerrant Word of God that we can apply into our lives. It also teaches us the way of eternal life by putting our faith and trust in what Christ did for us on the cross.”
Pastor Raymond is passionate about getting outside the church walls to outreach, and be a part of the Community of Brownsville and the Houston County area.
Pastor Raymond attended and majored in Pastoral Ministry at Bob Jones University in Greenville South Carolina.
Interesting note: Pastor Raymond is part of three generations of pastors. Pastor Raymond’s father, Pastor Ray Anderson, retired, as well his late Grandfather, Pastor and Missionary Karl Gehrig.
Pastor Raymond’s life verse:
Philippians 4:13 : “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Church Council Members

President –  Darin Ideker
Vice President – Larry Johnson
Financial Sec. – Marci Cordes
Treasurer – Joyce Brickman
Rec. Secretary – Jean Pohlman 
Trustee – Jenna Scanlan
Trustee – Kathy Fitzpatrick
Trustee – Harvey Ekern

Church Administrative Assistant – Jenna Scanlan