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April 7                       Steve Grunlan                 The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

March 24                  Steve Grunlan                  New Wineskins

March 17                  Steve Grunlan                  Hanging Out with the Wrong People

March 10                  Raymond Anderson         Give God the Glory

March 3                    Dr. Steve Grunlan            How To Recognize Real Faith

February 24             Dr. Steve Grunlan            Right Motives…Wrong Motives

February 17             Dr. Steve Grunlan            The Secret of the Power

February 10             Dr. Steve Grunlan            The Power and the Glory

February 3                Dr. Steve Grunlan            The Greatest Risk Jesus Took

January 27                 Raymond Anderson        Be Still

January 20                 Dr. Steve Grunlan            From River to Desert to Seashore

January 6                    Dr. Steve Grunlan           Quitters Never Win Except With God

December 30              Dr. Steve Grunlan           We Three Kings

December 24              Dr. Steve Grunlan           Christmas Eve Thoughts

December 23              Dr. Steve Grunlan           In the Fullness of Time

December 16              Dr. Steve Grunlan           Christmas Gifts

December 16             Children’s Christmas Program